This morning I invested a little more than an hour of my time with a man that most people would have ignored or dismissed. This man stopped into our Corvette Showroom and without introducing himself, started to brag about how he owns 3 Porsches. He was well dressed, wore nice shoes, designer glasses and arrived in his Porsche Cayenne. It was clear that this man felt his importance was greater than others. As if things weren’t already on the wrong foot, he then made a comment expressing how he felt our prices were high. At this point, my blood is boiling. Who is this guy?! Who walks into a Corvette store to brag about Porsches? Most people would have argued with him, or simply dismissed him and continued to do other work. I needed to find out more about this man. If knew what his story was, I could turn this encounter into something productive. I began with friendly conversation. Asked his name and introduced myself. Over the next hour I was able to unfold a short story of his life and in the process discover his true personality which was nothing short of great.

This man owns multiple large businesses, one of which he started from the ground up. He worked very hard for many years and finally had enough with having to answer to a boss. Once I learned that this man once owned a Corvette, I was able to closely relate on a topic and talk as if we were friends. His entire demeanor changed and was now open to listening and learning about the new Corvette Grand Sport. By the end of his visit, he called 3 very important people, all business owners, to tell them about our Corvette Showroom and the amazing selection we have. As he was leaving, I gave him a 2017 Corvette brochure, my business card, and he thanked me and told me he would return to buy a new Corvette over a new Porsche when the time was right.

My point in posting this is to share the idea that by judging and dismissing, you close doors. By engaging and learning you discover what potential lies behind. 4 influential people with great purchasing power learned about our dealership as a result of our conversation. Listen/engage/learn.

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